Help Bring LINCOLN To AC Cinefest 2018

Help Bring LINCOLN To AC Cinefest 2018

Want to be a part of AC Cinefest 2018? Now you can! Bill Sokolic, the founder of AC Cinefest is not only the man behind the scenes of NJ’s favorite film festival, but also an avid screenwriter.  Bill has helped given back to so many in the film community, but now its time to give back to Bill by helping him achieve his dream of having one of his scripts made into a film. We’re asking you to please donate what you can so we can shoot his film Lincoln – an entertaining mob comedy. With your help we can bring Bill’s vision to life!

This is your chance to be in on the ground floor of one of the films playing at October 2018’s AC Cinefest. There’s plenty of great perks available, from signed posters, t-shirts, VIP seating to Executive Producer credits and even a role in the film itself!  Any donation gets mentioned in the credits!

The Lincoln Indiegogo Page

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