2017 Winners

2017 Awards

2017 AC Cinefest Award Winners

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Lifesaver Awards

  • Al Sapienza
  • Harris Haith (Mid-Atlantic Regional)
  • 10th Anniversary Past Lifesaver: Keith Collins
  • 10TH Anniversary Past Lifesaver: Blanche Baker
  • 10TH Anniversary Past Lifesaver: Scott Rosenfelt

Acting Awards

  • Best Actor Short Drama New York: Thaddeus Daniels, Brooklyn in July
  • Best Actress Short Comedy Regional: Stephanie Yafeh, The Tramcar Girl
  • Best Actress Short Crime Drama: Brandy Gardener, The Interrogator 2016
  • Best Actress Short Horror: Danielle Gomes, The Mystery of Jasper
  • Best Supporting Actor Short Horror: Edgar Gonzalez, The Mystery of Jasper
  • Best Supporting Actress Feature Thriller: Tara London, Lost
  • Best Actress Short Comedy Horror: Karissa Marston, Revenge is Best Served
  • Best Supporting Actress Short Dramedy: Bethany Nicole, The Question
  • Best Supporting Actress Short New Jersey Dramedy: Nicole Young, What’s the Matter With Mommy?
  • Best Supporting Actor Short Drama: Tom Malloy, Death’s Door
  • Best Actor Short Crime Drama New Jersey:Jason Cerbone, Passaic
  • Best Actor Feature Horror, Keith Collins, The Samaritans
  • Best Actor Short Mental Health Drama: Chad Conley, Truce
  • Best Actor Short Mental Health Thriller: Rob Cunning, Haze
  • Best Actor Short Drama Regional: Joseph Fuoco, All Over Again
  • Best Actor Short Drama East Coast: Lester Greene, Driving Force
  • Best Actor Short Comedy Horror: David Marzano, Fruit Bat II
  • Best Actor Short Drama: Marlon Samuda, Immigrant Brothers
  • Best Actor Short Regional: John Shea, Dating Service
  • Best Actor Short Drama: Tyler Tackett, Candy & Ronnie
  • Best Ensemble Cast Regional: We Are Actors
  • Best Ensemble Cast New Jersey: What’s the Matter With Mommy?
  • Best Actress Short Drama: Alexis Lariviere, The Last Visit
  • Best Actress Short Romantic Drama: Mia Barnes, Bad Romance

Behind The Scenes Awards

  • Best Director Short Blanche Baker: Streetwrite
  • Best Director Short Drama: Bob Celli: Brooklyn in July
  • Best Director Short Horror Regional: Brian Golding, The Last of Her
  • Best Director Short Crime Drama: Phillip Titus Barnett, The Interrogator 2016
  • Best Director Short Ensemble: Elle Brooks, We Are Actors
  • Best Director Short Comedy New Jersey: Eric J Carlson, A Real Date
  • Best Director Short Horror: Chris J. Cullen, The Cursed Road
  • Best Director Student Short Drama: Angelo Donnelly, The Choices We Make
  • Best Director Feature Musical: Bret Eckhardt, Spirit Revival
  • Best Director Ultrashort Romantic Comedy: Jono Freedrix, Chivalry
  • Best Director Short Fantasy: Albert Kahn, Mannahatta
  • Best Director Short Comedy: Debra Markowitz, The Waiting Room
  • Best Director Short Romantic Drama: Maurice Paramore, Bad Romance
  • Best Director Short Drama: Mark Clauberg, The Last Visit
  • Best Director Short Drama Regional: Joseph McGovern, All Over Again
  • Best Director Short Comedy Horror: Alex J. Murphy, Fruit Bat II
  • Best Director First Time Short Documentary: Alexi Pappas, Growing Up With FSHD
  • Best Director Ultrashort Comedy: Larry Rosen, No Clue
  • Best Director Short Documentary on Atlantic City: Carole Ryavec, Water Bucks
  • Best Director Feature Drama: Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos, Driver
  • Best Director Short TV Series: Keith Vaile, Landlords and Tenants Wars
  • Best Film Editing Short Comedy: Nikki Gold, Reality Disorder
  • Best Cinematography Short Thriller: Joseph Palumbo, Haze
  • Best Cinematography Feature Horror: Cory Green, The Samaritans
  • Best Writer Short Drama: Skyko, Candy & Ronnie
  • Best Writer Short TV Series: Asa Howell, Landlords & Tenants Wars
  • Best Writer Short Drama New Jersey: Chantelle Antoinette, The Man in the Room
  • Best Writer Short Crime Drama: Michael Klausner, Passaic
  • Best Writer Feature: Bret Eckhardt, Spirit Revival

Animation Awards

  • Best Animation UltraShort: Christina Avagliano, Kramer
  • Best Animation Ultrashort Regional: Jenavieve Coulon, Wig-less
  • Best Animation Short: Sebastian Foxworth, The Family Blend! Pop’s Big Payback
  • Best Animation Series: Pat Kaz, Amanda Series

Overall Film Awards

  • Best Feature: The Man From Earth: Holocene
  • Best Musical Documentary: Almost Boss
  • Best Ultrashort Dramedy: The Bag
  • Best Short Mystery Thriller: Chance Encounter
  • Best Short Documentary: One Mother’s Fire: The Gail Minger Story
  • Best Short Documentary Mental Health: The Great American Depression 2 – I’m Not Crazy
  • Best Student Short Documentary: Hope Restored
  • Best Ultrashort Crime Drama: Interrogation Room
  • Best Feature Thriller: Lost
  • Best Short Crime Drama: Passaic
  • Best Short Comedy: Reality Disorder
  • Best Short Comedy Horror: Revenge Is Best Served
  • Best Feature Horror: The Samaritans
  • Best Short Drama: Thurman Comes Home
  • Best Ultrashort Comedy First Film: Tracy Medberry, Window Shopping
  • Best Music Short Mental Health: John Niespodzianski, Truce
  • Best Music Short: The Great American Depression 2 – I’m Not Crazy
  • Best Music Short Mystery Thriller: Zach Kamins, Chance Encounter

Screenwriting Competition Winners

Feature Screenplay

1st Place – Susan Fontaine, Loose Change

2nd Place – Tommy McInnis, Last Stop

2nd Place – Dan Tomasulo, American Snake Pit

3rd Place – John Hunt, Sean Royal

3rd Place – Anna Shields, The Lost One

Student Screenplay

Sean Pignatelli, Power of Love

Short Screenplay

1st Place – Daniel Gessner, The Back End

2nd Place – Ronnie Lewis Jr., Mentally Ill

3rd Place – Scott Dissinger, A Courage to Continue